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28 March, 2022 - Global BC News

Lower Mainland mother and daughter team up to raise money and send a message

When Russian tanks rolled into Ukraine, people around the world wondered how they could help.

For a Metro Vancouver mother and daughter duo, that meant turning to fashion to raise money and send a message.

Kylie Stanton reports.

29 March, 2022 - Vancouver Is Awesome

A Metro Vancouver student is raising money for relief efforts in Ukraine by selling clothing, mugs, and pins.

Madison Fleischer and her mother, Lisa Fleischer, have teamed up to raise funds for Ukraine by selling garments and mugs through their store, Slava Sweatshirts. The store is based out of the X-Treme Clothing Boutique in Tsawwassen.

Madison, who is a 23-year-old law student, tells Vancouver Is Awesome that 100 per cent of the proceeds are donated to Ukraine. Half of the funds go to Ukraine's National Bank and the other half goes to Red Cross Humanitarian Efforts. 

30 March, 2022 - The Orca

Jody Vance: A homegrown and homespun initiative to raise money for Ukraine.

If you’re like me, you already feel profound helplessness watching the Russian invasion of Ukraine in real time. That helplessness is only amplified when the need for relief is met with distrust of fundraising.

The want to help is often met with confusion as to exactly where funds should go to have meaningful impact. And that’s if you get past the initial online distrust: what’s the skim, scam, or grift? Today’s Middle is a local arrow, in bold, pointing toward something specific and grassroots you can trust.

A pair of local heroes with Ukrainian roots, Madison Fleischer and her mom Lisa, found themselves driven to do something, anything good, to help those living the horrors of war in Ukraine.

31 March 2022 - Drex on Jack 96.9 Van

Listen in to Madison with Drex and Lena from Jack 96.9 Vancouver at 7:30am PST.

5 April 2022 - Sanjha TV - Khas Mulakaat

Tune in to meet Lisa and Madison Fleischer, supporting Ukraine with their campaign 'Slava Sweatshirts'. Listen in with host Sonia West of SANJHA TV.

8 April, 2022 - The Vancouver Sun

When Madison Fleischer saw what was happening in Ukraine via the news and social media, she knew she wanted to find a way to help.

Aleesha Harris reports

8 April, 2022 - The Burnaby Beacon

A Lower Mainland mother-and-daughter duo have teamed up on a long-term campaign to raise funds for relief efforts in Ukraine called Slava Sweatshirts

23-year old Madison Fleischer says when Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, she and her mother felt they had to do something to help.

Srushti Gangdev reports.